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WorkForce One Time & Labor Management Software Solution
One of the biggest challenges companies face today is managing their most important asset, their workforce. Whether a company has 20 or 20,000 employees, ATR Systems can offer a solution that fit its needs. Workforce One Enterprise Edition offers a full set of easy-to-configure, fully integrated, back-office tools that reduce costs, streamline related business processes, and help boost revenue. The robust feature set, encompassed within five modules, includes functionalities to meet the specific demands of any organization, focusing on both employees and managers and addresses virtually every phase of workforce management.

Time & Attendance
Fast and accurate data capture from virtually any data collection terminal, including various web timesheet formats, available in real-time or a polled manner.

Employee Scheduling
Create as many daily schedules or schedule cycles as required. Free flow, fixed and floating formats are available and include settings for assigning premiums for shift work, restricting punches.

Benefit Entitlements
Defining and configuring rules for accruing time off can pose a challenging task for many service providers in Payroll and Human Resources. Workforce One addresses a broad range of organizational policies and procedures.

Project Tracking
Tracking time against business units, departments, projects, tasks, clients and other increments is easy with simple software configuration that allows various types of data collection.

Expense Reimbursement
Workforce One's automated expense reimbursement virtually eliminates errors, shortens approval time, and enables an organization to properly allocate, analyze and manage each expense category.

ACA ManagerTM Module
With the employer shared responsibility provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2015, the countdown is on to prepare for upcoming changes. In order to develop and execute a best-fit strategy for ACA compliance and cost control, you will need to track, integrate, and analyze data across time and attendance, payroll, and HR. Continue Reading...

Leave Manager
According to a 2010 survey conducted by Mercer, the costs associated with all major types of employee absence averages 35 percent of payroll annually.1 With the release of our new leave management module, leave and absence management has never been so simple. The new module allows you to automate the enforcement and tracking of leave policies across your workforce. And it works directly with our HR and Time and Labor Management applications. Continue reading...

Data Collection
Data can be collected in real-time or in a store-and-forward (polled) manner. Depending on an organization's work environment and type of usage, a variety of devices may be integrated. Download the hardware datasheet.

Small Business Edition
For a scaled back edition of the application, take a look at our highly affordable, quick to set up, and easy to use software simplifies tracking time and attendance and enhances user experience with unique featuresContinue reading...

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WorkForce One Videos
Take a closer look at the software with a guided videos.
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WorkForce One Datasheets
Managing your greatest asset your workforce with an effective Time & Labor Management solution is critical to maintaining a competitive edge.
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